I have grown all of these conifers here in my Zone 5 garden and know the plants to be hardy. Many of these miniatures are perfect for fairy gardens or miniature gardening. The size of the plants are the 1.68/798ml pot size. I do not ship them in the pots because I think i can get them to you in better condition with the roots soaked and wrapped. Most of the root systems are 12 inches or more. We do have large sizes here on site at the nursery for sale. If you would like more information or would like to see a lot of really great pictures go to or These web sites are dedicated to the eduction and information about conifers. Photos are from Iseli Nursery I found this article about caring for dwarf conifers and found it very useful.

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Tsuga canadensis 'Bacon Cristate' $19.00

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Tsuga canadensis 'Bacon Cristate'

Very unusual needles and shoots define this extremely dwarf, cristate hemlock that was found in the wild in northern New Jersey about 1925 by Ralph Bacon. Similar to, but smaller and darker than 'Jervis', this selection produces both ultra-dense,...
Tsuga canadensis 'Hornbeck' $19.00

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Tsuga canadensis 'Hornbeck'

Tiny, flat needles and many brown buds provide a dense covering for this tight, irregularly mounding hemlock. The durable, adaptable plant grows slowly and offers an attractive, smaller shade conifer, where the delicate foliage lend texture and...
Tsuga canadensis 'Horsford' $19.00

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Tsuga canadensis 'Horsford'

Alpine plants tend to hunker down and stay small as a defense against the forces of winter. This mini-conifer demonstrates such characteristics, with a dense, irregular growth habit and a miniature scale perfect for fairy gardens and miniature...
Tsuga canadensis 'Jean Iseli' $19.00

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Tsuga canadensis 'Jean Iseli'

Jean Iseli' is a treasure for the collector's garden: a slow-growing, low, spreading form, with short, green needles. Its delicate texture comes from tertiary branchlets, only 1-1/2 times longer than the needles, which break bud intermittently along...
Tsuga canadensis 'Minuta' $19.00

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Tsuga canadensis 'Minuta'

A dense, bun-shaped, rare and aristocratic addition to your garden. One of the slowest growing hemlocks. Zone4/minature/green
Tsuga mertensiana 'Elizabeth' $37.00

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Tsuga mertensiana 'Elizabeth'

Horizontal branches of this spreading Mountain Hemlock reach out and stay close to the ground. Soft, short, radially-arranged, blue-green needles, make the branches look like fine, blue bottlebrushes. An unusual low profile (roughly three times...

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