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Daylilies like sun and water. We water deeply once a week through August and September. The amount of sun and water will affect rebloom. I mark all of the plants in the catalog that rebloom for me, but you will not get rebloom unless your daylilies are planted in the sun and you water. Use only low nitrogen fertilizer, or you grow more leaves than flowers, in very early spring and again after the main bloom time. I feed the roots with triple 12 in the fall at the same time and for the same reason you fertilize grass in the fall.

If you want to look up a cultivar check out this on line data base. http://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/

Daylily Codes

First line: cultivar name, hybridizer, year, price

Second line: number-height of plant, bloom time, foliage type, fragrant, rebloom, bloom size

Bloom period: e-early, m-mid, l-late

Foliage types: d-dormant, s/e-semi-evergreen, ev-evergreen Tetraploid: *

American Hemerocallis Society Award Guide

Honorable Mention:This is the Society’s first official stamp of approval beyond the local or regional level.

Award of Merit: Given to those cultivars that are not only distinctive and beautiful but have proven to be good performers over a wide geographic area

Stout Silver Medal: This is the Society’s highest honor.

Donn Fisher Memorial Award: Given annually for the most outstanding miniature cultivar

Annie T. Giles Award: Given annually to the most outstanding small flowered daylily

Lambert/Webster Award: Given annually to recognize the daylily with best unusual form

Lenington All-American Award: The only varietal award made by the AHS Board of Directors, given to the cultivar for outstanding performance in all area of AHS regions.

Ida Munson Award: Given annually to the most outstanding double cultivar

R.W. Munson Award: Given annually to the best-patterned cultivar

L. Ernest Plouf Award: Given annually to the most consistently fragrant, dormant cultivar

Don C. Stevens Award: Given annually to the most outstanding eyed or banded cultivar

Harris Olson Spider Award: Given annually to the best spider variant

Eugene S. Foster Award: Given annually for the outstanding late-blooming cultivar

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