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Acontium carmichaelii Arendsii

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Autumn flowering Monkshood or helmet flower. This form, which is really the Arendsii group feature much stronger stems, that seldom need support. They have gorgeous azure blue flowers in panicles up to 8″ long above leathery dark green leaves with 3 lobes. Plants can reach up to 2-4′ tall over time. The name comes from the shape of the upper part of the flower which looks like the hoods of medieval monks. Best in rich, moist well draining soils…avoid wet damp areas which may lead to rot. Somewhat resentful of hot humid summer weather, so keep the soil from drying out in late summer. Probably full morning sun/late afternoon shade or filtered light. Zone 3-7.

Acontium carmichaelii Arendsii

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