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Adonis Chichibu Beni

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Chichibu Beni Pheasant’s Eye This is the exceedingly rare orange-flowered version of Adonis. Which Adonis is up for debate. More than likely a hybrid form from a diploid and a tetraploid form of Adonis. Blooming in basically late winter (at least here) it is by far the real harbringer of Spring. Almost double rows of petals, and typical fern like leaves. We hope to have more forms for sale in the coming year. For us, Adonis are somewhat slow to bulk up taking many years to achieve nice clumps…. think like a Hosta or Hellebore. They are well worth all the efforts to please them. Constant moist, organic soil is probably best. We also find that ours start to push a little growth in late fall, but are held back until late winter. Zones 3-7

Adonis Chichibu Beni

SKU SKU-5043 Category
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