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Arisaema costatum

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Not currently available at the nursery. We have sold this plant in the past and leave it up for informational purposes. Send us an email if you are interested in acquiring.

Looking all the world like Arisaema speciosum in leaf, there are noticeable differences. Strutting extra large trifoliate jade green leaves, sometimes having a pencil thin red edge, the underside being very ribbed (costate). The spathe hood is striped red brown and translucent white, lasting on the plant for about 3 weeks while in bloom. From within the hood is an amazingly long whip-like appendage that can be caught up in the leaves upon emergence. Weird enough yet? Besides all of these alluring features it is also quite hardy hailing from the higher elevations of the Himalayan range. A nice layer of mulch for winter, good drainage and a slightly raised bed should pull it through in at least zone 6a. Zone 6a-8

Arisaema costatum

SKU SKU-4417 Category
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