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Arisaema dracontium

We should have some of these available at the nursery in 2020.
American jack-in-the-pulpit found in rich, moist, bog like conditions but will tolerate average garden soil as well, thriving in our somewhat sandy soil. For best results, give our native Arisaema abundant moisture and you will be rewarded with taller, more robust plants. The common name, ‘green dragon’ refers to the overall green coloring and orange spadix dragons tongue jutting upward reaching over 9″ on mature specimens. Rising to 3′ tall with some forms reaching 5′ or more, possessing 12 leaflets or more, arranged in a fan shape fashion atop the stem, pitcher produced midway up stem. Our native Arisaema is fast to multiply and developing large clumps in time. Develops bright red seed heads in autumn. Part sun to light shade. Hardy in zones 4-9.

Arisaema dracontium

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