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Arisaema exappendiculatum

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Not currently available at the nursery. We have sold this plant in the past and leave it up for informational purposes. Send us an email if you are interested in acquiring.

Arisaema exappendiculatum is a tall species native to Nepal. Stems are very colorful; bronze with speckles and splotches in lime green. Leaves are divided into a parasol with 8 wavy, broad leaflets and fan out horizontally on tall sturdy stems. But it is the ‘flower’ of this species that gives it is long name. It is tightly wrapped up below the leaf and only unfurls a tiny bit. ‘The flower’ can be purplish, greenish or brownish in color and has a long appendage on the end. Really visually arresting plant that when happy can send out stoloniferous growths quite a ways from the main tuber. Not at all a difficult plant and prefers a woodland setting with some shade and a soil that is moist and well drained. Zone 6a-7b Photo: Robin Callens

Arisaema exappendiculatum

SKU SKU-4418 Category
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