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Arisaema kiushinaum Kikkou Fu

We should have a limited number available at the nursery in 2020.
Yet another rare form from Japan, this is the typical amazing A. kiushianum, but with light green veins, very similar to the North American native A. triphyllum ‘Starburst’. These are probably a year or 2 from blooming, so not big bulbs. The Japanese name ‘Kikkou Fu’ means ‘the pattern of the tortise shell’. Prefers typical Asian Jack-in-the-pulpit conditions, moist well draining woodland soil. A. kiushianum offsets quite well and will develop into a nice colony over time. Arisaema kiushianum does offset with reckless abandon so in time you can have a carpet of this…if you play your cards right. Hardy zone 5.

Arisaema kiushinaum Kikkou Fu

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