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Arisaema ringens

We will have available at the nursery in 2020

Japanese Cobra Lily This is an Eastern Asian species that is easy, reliable and very capable of growing to an imposing size, given ample moisture in the partially shaded garden. Rising early in the spring and eliciting a tropical appearance this jack has glossy trifoliate leaves, generally in pairs, that have heavy substance ending in long drip tips. Looking like a fist or helmet (with auricles or ear holes on the sides) the flowering stem, which can be green or purple, rises between the two leaves. Freely offsetting and making gorgeous clumps over time. Tubers of this species can become quite large. Hardy in zones 5-9. Probably the easiest of the Asian jacks in our humble opinion. In our sandy soil it offsets like crazy and will withstand any cold you throw at it. We generally have very large bulbs of this one that will make an immediate impact in the open garden. Large tubers, very mature.

Arisaema ringens

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