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Arisaema tosaense

Japanese Cobra Lily It’s not easy being green, but Arisaema tosaense makes it look easy. An easy to grow, tall, Japanese species that thrives in woodland conditions. This species which is native to the Japanese island of Shikoku, (where its name, ao-tennan-shô hints at its coloring, ao meaning green) has twin sets of broad leaves with 7-13 leaflets, each ending in long thread like drip tips. Above a large green and white striped spathe ending in a long drip tip. A wonderful and dependable garden flower for the late spring garden. Known to be a great fruiter as well, setting copious amounts of seed. Hardy in zones 5-9. Note: Large size tubers this year, see picture, see picture of bulbs, shown with a quarter for size comparison. Photo: David Scherberich

Arisaema tosaense

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