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Asarum nobilissimum King Kong

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A selection of giant Chinese ginger named by famed nurseryman Tony Avent. This is one amazing ginger, the leaves are extremely glossy, a rich black green color, and very large (8″ long  X 5″ wide). It is a modest grower, Tony says the clump at Juniper Level Botanic Garden was 3′ wide in 6 years. But, it is the flowers that give it its name. King Kong sized flowers that are 4″ wide and creamy yellow with purple speckles. Truely a sight and not a ginger where the flowers are under the leaves, never to be seen except by ants. Hardy to zone 7. Note: We have this planted out here at our zone 5 nursery and so far so good. We do have excellent drainage though.

Asarum nobilissimum King Kong

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