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Cardiandra alternifolia ‘Shiro Hakikomi Fu’

Shiro Hakikomi Fu Herbaceous Hydrangea Cardiandra alternifolia ‘Shiro Hakikomi Fu’ is a variegated herbacious hydrangea relative from Japan for dappled to bright shade. Our advice as with all variegated plants is to site them in some morning sun or bright dappled shade as there just isn’t as much chlorophyll in the variegated varieties, and you will get much better growth. Makes a nice rounded plant to 2-3′ with white to light pink lacecap type blooms. Serrated leaves (much like Mountain Hydrangeas). Moist, humus rich soil that is well draining will suit it best. The Hakikomi Fu refers to the swept like a broom variegation. This is our first offering of this amazing plant from Japan. Hardy to zones 5-9.

Note: in Zone 5 some winter protection is advised, as in covering with burlap or pine boughs, or piled pine needles. Just in case 🙂

Cardiandra alternifolia ‘Shiro Hakikomi Fu’

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