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Cardiocrinum cordatum var. ghehnii

Woodland lily from Japan that is the Japanese counterpart to the Himalayan Cardiocrinum giganteum. This is very hardy, blooms at about 5′ tall with light green flowers, and emerges with heart shaped glossy green leaves. This also has a fragrance, occuring mainly at night, as some other lilies do. Cardiocrinum cordatum blooms in late summer and does well in a part shaded position, but does require a moist free draining soil. The main bulb will bloom once it is say 4-5 years old. Once this happens the top of the bulb dies back, not completely, as it leaves the basal plate. At this point it starts to make offset or bublets that start the whole procedure all over again. So you will have to wait another 4 years, or, plant one each year for continuous blooms. Zones 4-8

Cardiocrinum cordatum var. ghehnii

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