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Cardiocrinum giganteum

Giant Himalayan Lily Woodland Lily from the Himalaya and China with heart shaped, hosta-like, medium to dark green leaves and a stalk that can get to over 9′ plus. In some areas these can be even taller. After growing for over 6 years, the bulb sends up a towering stalk that produces 20 or so large, white, fragrant flowers with a purplish streaked throat. Giant Himalayan Lily is monocarpic, meaning the main bulb dies after flowering, but at that time it also produces numerous offset bulbs and copious amounts of seed. After sowing the seed takes 2 years before you will see a true leaf. Equally at home in part shade or morning sun. These have been known to do well in Philadelphia against a north-facing wall, so they are very hardy. Hardy zone 6a-8b, west coast 9 Photo: Himalayan Orchid Exports

Cardiocrinum giganteum

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