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Coal Miner

(O. Petryszyn) Large In the breeders quest to cover the U.S., H. ‘Coal Miner’ easily fit the bill for West Virginia. Bred from a lineage of 8 hostas, Coal Miner stands out with it’s unique dark color and stature, quickly growing to nearly 3 feet high in an upright fashion. The long leaves shoot up and gracefully bow slightly, starting with a dark blue glaucous surface and a very powder blue back. The throat is deep and so is the veining. In mid season the leaves turn a blackish blue looking like they are covered in coal dust of ancient times about to turn to diamond dust. The nearly white fertile blossoms are the perfect proportion to plant. Great looking long into the fall season. Slug resistant. Eye popping when planted next to a gold hosta. 31″ high, 46″ wide

Coal Miner

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