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Hepatica asiatica var. japonica (Violet/purple)

Selected purple to lavender shades of this spring blooming hepatica. Requires excellent drainage in light to medium shade to do well. Hepatica is in the buttercup family, native to central and northern Europe, Asia and eastern North America. The leaves are basal, leathery, and usually three-lobed, remaining over winter. Noted for its tolerance of alkaline limestone-derived soils, Hepatica may grow in a wide range of conditions; it can be found either in deeply shaded deciduous (especially beech) woodland and scrub or grassland in full sun. Hepatica will also grow in both sandy and clay-rich substrates, being associated with limestone. Moist soil and winter snowfall is a requirement; Hepatica is tolerant of winter snow cover, but less so of dry frost. Zone 5-8

Hepatica asiatica var. japonica (Violet/purple)

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