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Hylomecon japonica Ki Chiri Fu

This Japanese forest (woodland) poppy is such a great plant, but adding this yellow misted pattern to the leaves just makes it all that much better. This is the somewhat rare variegated leaved version not widely available. This forms a low growing mound that in spring has wonderful yellow woody poppy like flowers that bloom for over 2 weeks in May. Like a lot of spring ephemeral plants, this goes dormant in early summer, so best to plant something near that might fill in after this goes to sleep for the rest of the year. As with all the variegated woodland plants we sell, the more sun the better the variegation, although being a real early one, that may not apply as much hear. This is the real deal and not woody poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum) that is often sold in place of this treasure. This is an all together great plant, and should be grown more. Zones 4-9 Photo: Hans Bernhard

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