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Jeffersonia dubia Sunago Fu

Asian twinleaf with a twist. Twin lobed leaves that have incredible green and yellow-white streaking and misting. Looking extremely unstable but from what we’ve seen, the variegation is actually quite stable and it comes true from seed. These offered are indeed seed grown plants that have had the variegation confirmed, but are not big plants… yet. Site them well, feed the soil, manure teas, etc, and they should grow well. Asian twinleaf is not a fast grower but slow and steady. Provide good drainage and humusy woodland soil for best growth. Jeffersonia dubia has gorgeous blue-lavender flowers that bloom before the foliage emerges. A mature clump will be 12″ tall. Hardy zone 4-7. We have included a couple pictures of plants we sold last year. Some bloomed and you can see the variegation on the one picture.

Note: personally I would give them a bit of sun for best variegation, morning sun best or high filtered sun with a bit of direct for a short time.


Jeffersonia dubia Sunago Fu

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