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L. martagon dalhansonii

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Another one of the great martagon lilies. Certainly in a top 10 list, if there were one for these jewels. Very tall, fast to clump up, super great foliage, and all around easy to grow woodland lily. We have grown it in more sun and it has responded beautifully. Not that it needs it but the martagons probably do a bit better with filtered sun or half day than deep shade. A bulb of dalhansonii will mature into multiple stems quickly and has great hybrid vigor. It is a cross of 2 species (L. hansonii x L. martagon). Flowers are a dark chestnut brown with yellow spotting and halos. Feed it well, manure tea, manure top dressing, etc, and you will be rewarded with glorious tall stems and lots of flowers. Easily 5’+ when mature, zones 2-7

L. martagon dalhansonii

SKU SKU-4466 Category
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