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L. martagon Rose Arch Fox

Love, Love, Love this martagon. Another wonderful martagon from Eugene Fox of Alberta, Canada. We really think he did us all a favor saving this seedling, as it has some excellent attributes. The color, oh the color… it is just different. A nice pink with peach and orange highlights and washes, with just a slight bit of spotting. The extremely reflexed petals also show off wonderful green back ribs that back up the rich green stems. It’s as special as its breeder and a great grower and multiplier. Given time at least up to 4′ and looks spectacular in a mass planted setting… as do all lilies for that matter. Fantastic for the half shade/sun setting in rich humus soil with drainage. Find that spot and sit back. You will enjoy this lily for years to come. 4′ zones 2-7

L. martagon Rose Arch Fox

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