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Lilium nepalense

Lily of Nepal One of the most beautiful of the species lilies. The flowers are few, often only one, pendant, recurved, and a pale greenish yellow with a purple throat on stems to about 3′ or more. The flowers are generally unscented during daylight hours and heavily scented after dark. This lily also reproduces by creating stoloniferous runners and creates bulbs on the runners. So it is not surprising to find it coming up maybe 18″ or more away from the original bulb. Probably hardy to zone 6 or even 5 if the soil is kept dry in the winter. The wet plus the severe cold is what will do in the bulb. Planting in a raised bed, very rocky soil, free draining soil or covering the area where it is planted will provide best results in zone 5-6. An alternative is to grow it in a pot. Be prepared to have runners coming out the drainage holes. Bottom photo: Himalayan Orchid Imports

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