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Martagon Lily Guinea Gold

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Guinea Gold Martagon Lily We’ve been super impressed with the performance of this martagon since bringing it to the nursery years ago. It has performed well in both sun and half shady parts of the garden. Martagons will take as much sun as you want to put them in but really excel in the woodland garden where few other lilies will persist and put on the show that martagons will. Guinea Gold has pink buds that open to caramel gold colored flowers with cinnamon speckles, it also blooms a bit later than other martagons. A real good grower and is a go to martagon if you are just starting with growing them, you won’t be disappointed. Very popular and an excellent grower. Up to and over 4′, exceeding 5′ in some instances. Zone 2-7

Note: bulbs this year are a bit smaller than usual and we will try to inlcude a couple or add another variety to make up for smaller size. Just a heads up

Martagon Lily Guinea Gold

SKU SKU-4116 Category
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