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Paris japonica

Japanese Canopy Plant This Japanese relative of Trillium is also known as Kinugasa Japonica. If we have ever offered a more incredible plant here at the nursery, we would be hard pressed to name one. It is somewhat of a challenging plant to grow and should not be attempted without a bit of prior knowledge of its needs. It would do well in a rich, moist, free draining woodland soil in cool shade. Let’s say that again ‘Cool Shade’. Let’s just say certainly much easier in the Pacific Northwest or New England to satisfy. Hot, humid summers are not to its liking… hate to admit it but it does not like the really hot, humid summers. Plants can be up to 3′ tall in its native country. Rich green bold foliage with a creamy white flower above. Blooming sized rhizomes are offered. Hardy in zone 4-8

Note: As with Trillium, once planted Paris can take a year, sometimes 2 years to show above ground growth. As Barry Yinger would say ‘Part of the Diva thing’. We just want customers to know about this behavior.

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