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Paris polyphylla

Paris, oh Paris, we are thrilled to be able to offer things like these Asian cousins of our native Trillium. In spring, 2′ stems have leaves arranged in a whorl, like an umbrella, not 3 leaves like trillium. More like 12 or more, looking much more like an Arisaema consanguineum leaf form. Above the leaves is another set of leaves, flower bracts to be exact, with long yellow threadlike extensions (totally bizarre) and then the actual flowers themselves. Actually not any harder to grow then Trillium, they are very impressive woodlanders. If you grow numerous Paris you will get gorgeous red berries in fall. Trillium and Paris are resentful of moving and can sulk for a year… sometimes. Don’t worry or dig, they are just reestablishing. Zone 5 hardy

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