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Paris thibetica

(Whorled Honey Flower) We are totally enthralled with this whole clan of plants. To us they look like a miniature version of Arisaema consanguineum, sorta. They are Asian relatives of Trillium, and there is in fact more species of them, then there is Trillium in Asia. This Paris has a stem that can reach over a foot tall at maturity. Atop this are narrow wavy, dark green leaves arranged like a parasol. Above this are 6 sepals, and threadlike petals also in this arrangement, culminating in the amazing lime green flower. The flower is other-wordly looking and has a gorgeous purple colored ovary. Paris have rhizomes very much like trillium. In the fall, gorgeous red seedheads too. Easy in humus-rich, moisture retentive soil. Zones 5a-9

Paris thibetica

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