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Podophyllum delavayi (vietchii)

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Asian mayapples, is there anything that has grabbed the plant collectors imagination more then these cousins of our native mayapples. Do not think so. They are utterly without peer. They emerge reddish brown with reddish purple spotting and green up as the summer comes on. The irregular foliage has upwards of 6 lobes (or more on mature plants) and then each lobe divided into 3 lobes. Leaves can be 10″ across or more on established plants. In early summer, the plants create deep red flowers that dangle down under the foliage. They do best in humus rich free draining soil. Albeit slow to establish they will colonize over time and reproduce along the ends of the roots as well. We have grown numerous Asian mayapples at the nursery and they seem to do fine in our zone 5 garden. We do mulch some and take great care in their siting. Zone 6, but we have had great luck with them in our zone 5 garden.

Podophyllum delavayi (vietchii)

SKU SKU-4470 Category
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