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Podophyllum difforme Starfish Strain

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Starfish Strain Chinese Mayapple These are the first offerings of the beautiful Podophyllum difforme here at the nursery, or at least the Starfish Strain. Leaves that when young exhibit a rectangular/squarish/rhomboid shape and when established and mature exhibit a more starfish shape. The variegation on the leaves is quite special, containing tones of silver gray, dark purple and deep greens, and sometimes lighter green on a green background. Leaves can also be serrated along the edge. Being a strain almost every plant will exhibit leaves with patterns different than another plant. Over time they can make bold clumps up to 2-3 feet tall. Oxblood red dangling flowers. Hardy zones 5b-9. Note: 2nd picture below

Podophyllum difforme Starfish Strain

SKU SKU-5147 Category
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