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Polygonatum odoratum Dai Kouga

Great Yellow River Solomon’s Seal You like solomon seal, you have the usual ones, time to start looking at some newer forms. Look no further, here is one that is, well… very good. Variegated solomon seal from Japan that comes up yellow and leafs out showing its yellow and green misty leaves. More yellow than green and it holds this color during the year. As with all (ok, not all but most) variegated plants, it will do much better with some sun. Deep shade is not really advised. Young plants may exhibit a more green appearance but get better in subsequent years and really start adding the intense yellow and green flecks and misting. The name means ‘Great Yellow River’ in Japanese. Somewhat reluctant to branch and grow as quick as some solomon seals. Some organic fertilizer, manure tea, etc… these will do the trick. These were as rare as all get out in the recent past. Limited. Hardy in zone 5, probably 4 with snow cover.  

Polygonatum odoratum Dai Kouga

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