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Primula sieboldii Hanakomachi

Hanakomachi Siebold’s Primrose Japanese hybrid of Primula sieboldii, ‘Hanakomachi has double blooms in white with streakes of magenta with a magenta reverse. The inner petals also twist and curve with frilly edges. The plant develops into nice clumps over time. Primula sieboldii are not really all that demanding about soil type, moist, woodland soil is best. They can go dormant during the heat of summer, especially if the soil is allowed to dry out. Once they get established and are clumping up they can be divided. We will be offering more Japanese Primrose in the coming years, singles and more doubles. They are incredibly hard to resist once you see them in bloom. Hardy zones 5-8

Primula sieboldii Hanakomachi

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