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Syneilesis palmata Hakikomi Fu

Syneilesis palmata, Hakikomi Fu (Palmate Shredded Umbrella Plant) The unstable streaked variegation form. Yellow patterns, streaks, and in some cases whole leaflets that are yellow or cream. As the plants creates new buds you will need to make sure they have the unstable patterns to keep the plant this way. Occassionally there will be divisions that will revert and be all green. These are to be rogued out and will be just the straight species. The designation Hakikomi Fu is not a cultivar name but a descriptive name, meaning in Japanese, ‘as if swept by a broom’, meaning the look of the variegation. See our listing for Syneilesis palmata for more information. This is a very rare plant, even in Japan. For best variegation, give it some sun, say half a day. Morning sun or high filtered shade. Humus rich, well drained soil although we have found the Shredded Umbrella Plant to be tolerant of almost any soil condition. Zones 4-8

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