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Syneilesis palmata Kikko

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Kikko Shredded Umbrella Plant This is the one that is on everyone’s want list. Crazy beautiful and rare. This form of the shredded umbrella plant from North East Asia has hexagonal patterns on the leaves (kikkou in Japanese). The variegation will fade during the heat of summer. In spring, the new leaves are covered with silver silky furr (looks like ‘Cousin It’ from the Adams Family). These woodland composites are amazing at all times of the year, especially this form. Makes wonderful tight clumps over time. In summer, there are tall (3′) bloom scapes with fuzzy white flowers. Completely easy in woodland soil that stays moist, try to not let it dry out. Light to medium shade. This form of the Syneilesis has been known to not show the variegation for say a year, but showing it beautifully in subsequent years. It also greatly benefits from getting at least half a day of sun, say in the morning. Pieces that have been culled from what appears to be reverted plain green divisions have in fact had the variegation after being placed in more sun and given…. time. Zone 4-9

Note: We have a very limited supply available this year

Syneilesis palmata Kikko

SKU SKU-4429 Category
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